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Company profile

For more than 30 years STAHLCON GMBH supply stainless steel V-clamps used as a quick fitting connection in various applications.

On combustion engines it the exhaust system, in the coolin g system, on pumps and instruments, in filtersystems, pharmaceutical- und food-industry and in bulkhandling V-clamps find a widespread field of applications where flanges need quick joining.

STAHLCON GMBH was established 1980 in Stuttgart georiginally as sales office. The stores grew with the demand for standard parts and short term deliveries. In 1990 STAHLCON GMBH moved in own premises in Stuttgart. Since then STAHLCON GMBH expanded the product range by ferrules and gaskets, standard-parts beeing always available ex stock.

In order to meet the demand for this product ranger in various industrial sectors STAHLCON GMBH moved location and pricipal office in april 2005 to Steinenbronn near Stuttgart. On 800 sqm storage space with good infrastructural connections the course for tasks in the future has been set. Additional staff help and secure the qualified customer support now and in the future.

STAHLCON GMBH attach great value to qualified customer support and reliable supply. Our products come from certified manufacturers nach ISO9002 and QS9000. Our customers benefit from the long-lasting experience of our manufacturers in development and production of stainless steel products. Since july 2008 our quality management is approved and certified to ISO 9001:2008.

According to customers demand we can supply material certificates. TÜV-approvals, pressure tests and pressure calculations permit the safe application at the customer.

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Manufacturing and delivery programme

Wide Connecting Clamp

••• Clamps, Tri-Clamps, Profile clamps and V-Coupler,
Materials: AISI316L 1.4404 or 1.4301

••• Ferrules, flanged sockets, clamps with socket and blank covers / blind flanges
Materials: AISI316L 1.4404

••• Adaptors, Reducers and Hosetails
Materials: AISI316L 1.4404

••• Viewports and inspection glasses
Materials: AISI316L 1.4404

••• Hose tail and hose spouts
Materials: AISI316L 1.4404

••• Gaskets in various sizes to DIN, ISO, BS and other standarts.

••• Bandclamps
Materials: AISI316L 1.4301

••• Clamps with and wihout articulation
Materials: AISI316L 1.4404 or 1.4301

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