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Isiflo Sprint

Isiflo Sprint is a patented range of composite push-fittings that combines the safety and strengh of a traditional mechanical fitting with the userfriendliness of a standard push-fitting.

The installation of Isiflo Sprint happens in one simple move, requires no tools and no complicated preparation of the pipe. Just cut the pipe scarely and insert, with a slight twist, into the fitting.

The result is a strong, firm and long-lasting connection between the pipe and the coupling.

The advertised products:

Advertised ProductIsiflo Sprint

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Isiflo GmbH

Installation systems and pipe connections

An der Schleuse 8
D-58675 Hemer

Phone: +49 (0) 2372 / 91 97 – 5
Telefax: +49 (0) 2372 / 13 5 77


Isiflo GmbH, a company of the Isiflo AS Group, is a member of the listed Aalberts NV since 2004.

Isiflo AS develops, produces and supplies branded products for gas and water supply.
The company is characterised by the latest developments, environmentally friendly production
process and the highest quality standards as well as the product range tailored to the customer.

.Experienced customer advisors are available to help with the selection of products and to advise
on customized solutions.

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