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Dispersing agent

SANOL H-15 is separating and dispersing corrosion deposits in recirculation water systems without aggressive chemical reaction. It is neither caustic nor toxic. SANOL H-15 is forming a stable, soluble complex with metal oxides in order to prepare an easy and effective removal while simply flushing the system.

Preferred applications:

SANOL H-15 is particularly effective as an antifoulant for iron oxides in recirculation water systems. It can be used over a broad pH range and in combination with chlorination in cooling systems.

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The ELYSATOR Engineering GmbH was founded in the 1950 and since that time they work in the field of process engineering and water systems. The company is represented in over 20 countries and is specialized in the production of filter units, which are used to purifying drinking water.

Technically advanced production plants, innovative products, uninterrupted logistics and highest possible quality standards leads the company to market leadership in Switzerland. ELYSATOR develops water from a raw material to a technical fluid.

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