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TM Trogflux

The TM Trogflux variable area meters are used to measure the volume of transparent liquids and gases passing through closed piping. The variable area meters can also be used for flow monitoring if they are equipped with one or more switching contacts.

Standard scales are available for liquids with a density of 1 kg/l (62.43 lb/cu.ft). The scales must be recalculated for all other media depending on the physical characteristics.


• Potable water preparation
• Plastering machines
• Cooling water measuring devices
• Measurement of gas injection
• General installation in plastic pipes

Design and Operation

The main components of the TM Trogflux variable area meters are the plastic variable-area flow tube with float and the connection parts. The flow is displayed directly on the scale present on the flowtube (e.g. in l/h) and is read at the position of the float’s widest diameter.

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