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Heating water treatment

Magnetite mud exists, if an inadequate quality of heating water comes upon ferrous materials. Malfunctions in the heating circuit are the unwanted consequences but with permsolvent magno you don’t need to worry anymore: Thanks to permanent magnetic alternating fields, the system attracts magnetite mud from the water. The result: Heating water can flow through pipes clearly.

permasolvent ® magno

permasolvent ® magno works against magnetite mud with the help of permanent magnetic alternating fields. In this process, iron oxide particles are magnetized in the water and adhere to the inner walls of the pipes. Through the constant percolation of the water, the iron oxide layer will stay thin. This makes it possible to filter out all unwanted iron oxide residues from the water. You are clearly at an advantage: permasolvent ® magno can be installed easily and space-saving. The apparatus functions without chemicals, works without electricity and doesn’t need to be maintained which means you will not have to face any consequential costs. At the same time, you enjoy the comfortable warmth produced by a properly functioning heating system!

magno_ohne_behandlungUntreated heating water with unwanted magnetite mud magno_mit_behandlungWater treated with permasolvent ® magno

Company Profile

Since 1980 the company perma-trade Wassertechnik GmbH has been active in the business sector of water treatment. Today they are recognized experts in the areas of chemical-free water treatment, drinking water fine-filters and water recycling systems.

perma-trade products manufactured in Germany are distributed through sanitary dealerships and specialist retailers. All products convince through their high quality and attractive warrantee performance.

Areas of application: plate heat exchanger, solar system, drinking water, magnetic treatment of liquids in the industrial field, rusty water.


perma-trade Wassertechnik GmbH

Röntgenstr. 2
D-71229 Leonberg

Phone.: +49 (0) 7152 / 9 39 19 – 0
Fax: +49 (0) 7152 / 9 39 19 – 35

E-Mail: info@perma-trade.de
Internet: www.perma-trade.de

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