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Deurex AG Bindemittel für Diesel

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• Hydrophobic wax cotton
• Product adsorbs no watter
• Only pollutants are adsorbed
• Pollutants are kept durably
• Free of dust working

DEUREX PURE is suitable for hydrophobic liquids, for oils and chemicals as well as alcohols.

1 kg of DEUREX PURE adsorbs 6.55 l of oil (DEKRA certified) very fast due to great surface of 3 m²/g.

DEUREX PURE keeps the contaminants, does not adsorb any water and remains buoyant
even when saturated. DEUREX PURE can be removed without any residues left. It is recyclable and reusable.

Applications: Watertreatment , Emergency Management, Environmental Technologies,
Industrial Applications, Wind Energy plants, Water protection.

Deurex AG

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DEUREX is one of the most important international suppliers of industrial waxes. The company has earned a worldwide reputation as an innovative pioneer and an inventor of round design micronized waxes.

Steadily since 2010 DEUREX establishing another business area to manufacture wax-based oil- and chemical binder. Traded under the name DEUREX PURE a special and already patented product series, caused quite a stir in media. DEUREX PURE keeps the contaminants, does not adsorb any water. This produces benefits and opens the product series for completely new fields of application for civil protection mechanism as well as industrial applications.

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