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Sewer cleaning nozzles

WARTHOG – simply an ingenious tool
The world of sewer and drain cleaning offers an enormous variety of tool options. These include nozzle heads with several orifices, chain slings, carbide end mills and hydraulic saws. In this connection are the self-rotating and rate-controlled models the absolute top performers. During the autorotation a complete cleaning of the pipe inner walls ensures, becomes ensured by the speed control that the nozzles perform their work efficiently.

NUMBER of nozzle inserts
The fewer jets the more powerful they work. The reason for this lies in the specific performance of the pump, which is divided by the number of Nozzle inserts used. All WARTHOG nozzles rotate at a pre-jet of 15 °, return beams with 88 °, 135 ° and 150 °. While the front beam blockages and rootedness breaks, 90% of the cleaning effect can be overcome by the side or rear-rays and thus provide a strong cleaning and milling results.

The speed of the WARTHOG-nozzle is in the range of 150-300 U / min. For self-rotating nozzles that rotate too fast, the jets do not have enough time to work their way through debris or roots. In addition, by higher water consumption is not used effectively arises.

The push or pull force is measured in Newtons. This is very important because sewer cleaning nozzles have heavy hoses on a very long distance (even) pull to get from one end of the tube to the other. It is also important to know that not the individual weight of each tool is as important as its tensile capacity. The pulling force can be generated by both rotating and non-rotating nozzle. Since all WARTHOG nozzles rotate, it is possible with this tool to clean the entire pipe wall, while non-rotating nozzles leave streaking. WARTHOG nozzles can produce a pulling force of up to 355 Newton, depending on model and flow.

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