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The complete program for pipe and sewer cleaning equipment .
G.Drexl offers professional advice for your individual application .

The many years of experience in sales , service and manufacturing
gives you the confidence to buy absolute professional products .
The level of craftsmanship is a top priority at G.Drexl .
Constant quality controls during production
and extensive testing after production make sure you purchase a quality product .

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Manufacturing and delivery programme

Pipe and channel camera

Equiptment for pipeline locating

Plugs mechanical or pneumatic for Pipe or Drain

Pipe and drainage channel testing equipment

Professional tools for cleaning pipe and channel machines

Professional pipe cleaning machines

Hand pipe cleaning equipments and machines.

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G.Drexl GmbH & Co.KG Abwassertechnik

Goldtalstr. 4
D – 93077 Bad Abbach

Phone: +49 (0) 9405 / 95 58 00
Fax: +49 (0) 9405 / 95 58 01 5

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