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Biomonitor – Real-time permanent biosensing

Real-time permanent biosensing with the biomonitor monitors the toxic risk of chemical mixtures on indicator organisms, recorded as stress behaviour (ventilation, avoidance, morbidity) and mortality. Both, acute effects of pollution peaks due to accidents and spills, and chronic effects of low-dose substances can be detected immediately and actions triggered (water sample for diagnostic analytics).
Clean water is a limited but essential resource for all life on earth. Pollution by numerous anthorpogenous substances threatens water quality worldwide. Micro-pollutant detection by chemical trace analyses is restricted to known substances, analytical detection limits, sporadic spot sampling, analyses time and costs. Therefore, many substances and their potential ecotoxicological risk for life remain undetected.

Unique Selling Properties (USPs):

– modular, flexible construction (8-96 recording channels for individual animals):
high replication, safe alarms, simultaneous monitoring of multiple species possible
– sensor chambers adapted to ecological needs of test species (design, size):
all moving animal species can be used
– non-optic measurement principle: operation in turbid, un-treated raw water,
soil and sediment possible
– strong scientific back-up (ca. 30 scientific publications)
– long experience and expertise in aquatic ecotoxicology and online biomonitoring
– excellent service and support with competent staff up to 1 year
– available as MFB (modular) or LBS (compact) systems
– unique know-how and technology

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

LimCo International GmbH

Blarerstr. 56
D – 78462 Konstanz

Phone: +49 (0) 7531/ 9 91 35 94


Since 1998 we offer expert service, research and development of innovative products for water quality assessment, monitoring and restoration in surface water (freshwater, marin), drinking water and waste water.

We participate in and lead projects in international cooperation with academia, industries and governments around the globe. Our LimCo BioSensor system (LBS) based on the established Multispecies Freshwater Biomonitor (MFB) continuously detects and monitors effects of mixtures of pollutants, thus allows to detect even unknown substances in due time before pollution irreversively spreads in the environment or even harms human health.

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