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Producing drinking water from fog

The CloudFisher collects drinking water from fog without any energy. It is the first standard fog collector in the world resisting to wind speeds of up to 120 km/h. It is quickly installed, does not require additional energy and is extremely low-maintenance. All used materials are food safe.
The CloudFischer can supply hundreds of thousands of people with top-quality drinking water complying with the WHO drinking water standards. If is used around the world in mountain or coastal regions with scare rainfalls and frequent fog.

What’s the difference between CloudFischer and other systems?

Reduction of net sizes
– Less contact surface for wind

Dynamic net holders
– fixing the nets with rubber expanders
– UV-stable, resistant to abrassion and weather
– Rubber expanders cushion occurring wind power

For net with supporting rod
– Sandwich constuctions: delicate mesh catches the fog
– Supporting function due to strong plastic rod (HDPE)
– UV-stable, weather resistant and food safe

Flexible run-off gutter
– Closely attached with lower end of the fog net
– The gutter follows the net’s movements in windy conditions
– Flexible polyethylene
– UV-stable, weather resistant and food safe

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The non-profit WaterFoundation is active in countries where the scarcity of drinking water threatens the livelihood of the population and hampers sustainable development. We sponsor projects to combat water shortage and the overexploitation of natural resources, and support research initiatives in this field. We stand for information, education and the transfer of knowledge and technology to promote better use of a precious resource. The WaterFoundation supports self-determined development, enabling people to take care of their own water supply in the future. We offer concepts that are easy to implement and tailored to people’s everyday needs, taking account of cultural and environmental factors and of technical and financial constraints. The Foundation combines its projects with modern solutions for energy, health, education and income opportunities adapted to local conditions.

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