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Mobile Reverse Osmosis

Membrane plants for treatment of
– Leachate
– Salty industrial sewage in containerized or skid design.

Membrane technology makes the in-house recirculated extraction and recycling of solid and dissolved substances possible. It leads to a significantly better cleaning of the wastewater.

Because of the wide range of available membranes and modules can be used for almost any task in water treatment find a technically suitable system.

Further benefits offerings in this segment:

– Rental of membrane systems
– Service and upgrade of existing membrane systems
– Diagnosis of problematic operating conditions for existing systems

Please contact the C-deg sales team for further information or a quote.

C-deg environmental
engineering GmbH

Otto-Flath-Straße 9
D – 24109 Melsdorf

Phone: +49 (0) 431 / 2 20 17 – 0
Fax: +49 (0) 431 / 2 20 17 – 77

Email: info@c-deg.eu
Internet: www.c-deg.eu

C-deg provides customized solutions for ecologically friendly treatment of all greenhouse gases, worldwide. Gases released from industrial and biological processes that cannot be used for other purposes, require flaring according to the state of the art.

We use latest generation materials, state of the art burner and combustion chamber technologies, and intelligent system control and monitoring concepts to supply our customers with highly energy and cost efficient process technology.

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