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Materials testing and more…

Work fields:

Testing of liners, plastic pipes and manholes

Testing on percolation systems and trenche elements made of plastic

Services in the field of plastics testing

– Feedstpck- and material tests

– Suitability tests and qualification testing

– Component testing

– Expert’s report

Materials testing

– Material tests on plastics, composite materials and metals

– Static and dynamic tests on materials and components

– Physical and chemical properties

– Climate and weather exposure tests

– Special tests according to customer specification

Engineering services

– Third-party inspection of manufacturing plants

– Site supervision

– Development of individual test programmes

– Construction and manufacturing of test benches

– Damage analysis

Polytest Ingenieure GmbH

Fasanenstraße 30
D-90766 Fürth

Phone: +49 (0) 911/ 37 67 75 91
Fax: +49 (0) 911/ 37 67 75 85



Schwabacher Straße 512
D-90763 Fürth


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