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KIESEL Steriltechnik GmbH is one of the leading European suppliers of aseptic components for the process ingineering. The diversity of our fittings gives you the opportunity to find the most convenient way to realize your project.

Our Engineering Department with its CAD-work stations ensures the implementation of your demands. These are realized by use of our modern lathe- and milling machines as well as our state of the art machining centres.

Skilled and experienced employees maintain the high quality standard of our products, by utilizing the available production facilities for an ultimately trouble-free application in your business.

Our components stand due for: good CIP efficiency, construction dimensions according to DIN and international prescriptions, high quality material selection with inspection certificates, requirements according to AD 2000 – guiding principle as well as modular kit systems.

Manufacturing and delivery programme

Tubes and fittings, aseptic connections, valves and ball cocks, special constructions in high quality (on the inside) by the names:

HQ-line© made for High End Solutions Ra (internal) < 0.25-0.4µm (1.4435/316L (BN2)) STERI-line© made for Pharma Ra (internal) < 0.5-0.8µm (1.4435/316L (BN2)) MEDI-line© made for Food Ra (internal) < 0.8/1.6µm (1.4404/316L) available special materials: 1.4539/904, Hastelloy C4/C22, Titanium. 1. tubes

2. fittings

– aseptic union
– aseptic flange connection
– aseptic clamp connection
– clamp connection
– nipple
– sleeve
– aseptic end cap for tubes, for orbital welding

3. reducers

4. bends

5. tees and cross pieces

6. inspection glasses

7. valves

– Double End Studs, Studs, Hexbolts
– Studbolts, Stress Bolts, Head Cap Screws
– Studbolts, Stress Bolts, Head Cap Screws
– Pins, Hexagon Cap Nuts

8. ball valves

9. gaskets in used sealing qualities FDA compliant

10. assembly accessories

11. special constructions

12. measurement casings (DIN 11864 / STERI-Connect©)

KIESEL Steriltechnik GmbH

Engelsberg 3
D-75015 Bretten

Phone: +49 (0) 7252 / 96 37 – 10
Fax: +49 (0) 7252 / 96 37 – 20


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For further information please visit our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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