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The non-profit water foundation is in active countries, where lack of drinking water at risk the livelihoods of people and hindered sustainable development. We support projects aimed at combating the water shortage and the overexploitation of natural resources, and promote science and research in this field.

The Water Foundation is committed to a self-determined development with the goal that people can accomplish their own water supply in the future. We simply offer actionable concepts that are consistent with the everyday lives of people, their culture, their environment, their technical and financial conditions.

The Foundation combines their projects with modern and locally adapted solutions for energy, health, education and income opportunities. We are committed to education, training and transfer of knowledge and technologies to improve the use and care of natural resources.

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The Water Foundation helps with simple and environmentally friendly means to restore the water supply to the rural population, to improve and maintain. We pay attention aware that our support families, women and children will benefit. We provide women donkeys as Sociable available, promote well-drilling and spring catchments and help in the construction of sanitary facilities. With the fog harvesting technology of cloud Fischer countless people can be supplied with clean drinking water.

The Water Foundation promotes “water schools” and “Green Clubs”, where children and young people in theory and practice, sustainable management of water resources is mediated. You learn how to better use of existing or yet to erschließende water resources and protect. Young people are the most important multipliers for the placement of water knowledge. The learned they contribute to their families and thus in the entire village. Water knowledge includes topics such as water production and supply, sanitation, hygiene, water conservation, reforestation and the knowledge and skills to maintain and protect the soil and groundwater.

The human right to water entitles everyone to sufficient, harmless, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water for personal and domestic use. The Water Foundation helps to make the right to water generally aware. We offer legal assistance to those who wish to use sustainable for the rights to water in their country.

The Water Foundation seeks out and promotes ways to tap into existing or new water resources. With the project “Green Village” Wiederbegrünungs- and reforestation projects are connected, which stabilize the water balance and need to improve. With the cloud fog clouds Fisher will be tapped. He is the world’s first series-production mist trap, the wind speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour can withstand. His mist nets catch the water droplets in a fog and harvest them. Countless people can be so cheaply supplied with drinking water in many countries. The water recovered can also be in agriculture, afforestation projects or for commercial purposes nutzen.Weitere details please refer to our website and take it if you are interested contact us.


Lechnerstraße 23
D-82067 Ebenhausen

Phone: +49 (0) 8178/ 99 84 18
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E-Mail: info@wasserstiftung.de
Internet: www.wasserstiftung.de

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