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In 1958 Euro-Matic was established as a manufacturer of plastic blowing machinery in Sweden. The company started producing hollow plastic balls in Denmark in 1965. The production process was taken over in 2005 by Weener Plastic Packing group and transferred to Hungary in 2007.

A sales office for the EURO-MATIC balls was opened in Witzenhausen, Germany in 1980. From here, the company supports its business customers also in Austria, Netherland, Belgium, Spain and Scandinavia.

Manufacturing and delivery programme

Hollow Euro-Matic balls are made of PP, HDPE and PVDF. Generally the Euro-Matic balls are used as: filling material, valve balls, floating globes, balls for covering, odour reduction, game balls in ball pools for the play corner, as therapy balls, game balls, Roll-On balls and much more.

Coverballs: reduction of heat loss, evaporation loss, oxygen ingress, eliminates unpleasant odours, protection from light, pro-tection by acid vapours in ponds near electrolysis plants and waterbird conservation.

Pool-Coverballs: EURO-MATIC balls reduces liquid loss trough evaporation nearly to 90%. Thus you may save in the pool hall up to 80% energy and by an outdoor pool up to 70%. EURO-MATIC balls keep insects away from the water surfaces. Prevent the growth of algae formation and minimize the use of chemicals.

Valve ballsl: Ground hollow spheres made of plastic are used as valve balls. The valve balls can be manufactured in several sizes and in various materials (PP and PVDF). Valve balls are available as hollow spheres and in some cases as globes. There are numerous ranges of applications.

Bird Ball: The perfect solution at airports to disguise areas of water for birds.

Playpen ball: EURO-MATIC is the world’s largest producer and most versatile producer of hollow plastic balls. Since 1969 they started to produce game balls in Europe and USA. The experience of using the balls for a large number of applications have an unmatched performance in the industrial sector.

Filling material: EURO-MATIC balls, for example for fluidised bed washer.

Uwe Steinfeld GmbH

Steinbergstraße 12
D – 37216 Witzenhausen

Phone: +49 (0) 5542/ 9 32 90
Fax: +49 (0) 5542/ 7 14 87

E-Mail: info@euro-matic.de
Internet: www.euro-matic.de

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