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We are developer, producer and supplier of measurement equipment for water industry. For more than 45 years we are working in the field of flow measurement and today we are one of the technology leaders in this sector worldwide.

Our product portfolio includes accurate systems for flow measurement, flow velocity detection, level measurement, pressure measurement and the measurement of water quality. We also provide software for acquisition and logging of data and for the analysis of measurement results. A comprehensive process control system completes our program.

Our head office is in Eppingen/Germany with 7 international subsidiaries and more than 40 distributors all over the world.

Continuous improvement is our incentive

We are convinced: a company cannot be forced into quality management. Top quality will arise only as soon as the idea of quality is shared by everyone: managers, employees and the suppliers. That is what we live. To scrutinise our products and operating processes in order to get better day by day is a challenge we meet with pleasure.

This is why we are looking at things the way our customers and users do to make our products even better. At this stage the direct contact our customers as well as the continuous cross-departmental dialogue in-house and in the supply chain is very helpful.

High-quality measurement – starting from the level measurement in difficult hydraulic conditions – however is just one brick in paving the way to the best measurement results. It is rather expert advice combined with application-specific measurement systems which make an optimal measurement solution. Certification according to ISO 9001 since 1995, ATEX certification since 1999 as well as our long-time customer relations all over the world show that we put this understanding of quality into practice on a daily basis. Since then, the M-CERTS certificate and the IECEx scheme have been added.


Im Täle 2
D-75031 Eppingen

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Fax.: +49 (0) 7262/ 91 91 – 999

E-Mail: info@nivus.com
Internet: www.nivus.de

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