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Since 1998 we offer expert service, research and development of innovative products for water quality assessment, monitoring and restoration in surface water (freshwater, marine), drinking water and waste water.

We participate in and lead projects in international cooperation with academia, industries and governments around the globe. Our LimCo BioSensor system (LBS) based on the established Multispecies Freshwater Biomonitor (MFB) continuously detects and monitors effects of mixtures of pollutants, thus allows to detect even unknown substances in due time before pollution irreversible spreads in the environment or even harms human health.

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Bioassessment, Ecotoxicological assessment, Bioanalytics, Online Biomonitoring, Environmental consulting

Our new flexible modular biosensor system LBS based on long lasting experience with the Multispecies Freshwater Biomonitor (MFB) helps you to rapidly detect pollution in your water.

Our international research acitivites in aquatic and soil ecotoxicology lead to the development of new rapid and sensitive test methods with gammarids, microorganisms, biofilms and earthworms.

Our long lasting expertise in aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology, biomonitoring and bioassessment
of surface waters helps you in water resource management and restoration.

Our corporate social responsibility for knowledge transfer and sustainable environmental education engages in training courses for students and pupils.

LimCo International GmbH
Blarerstr. 56
D – 78462 Konstanz

Tel: +49 (0) 7531/ 9 91 35 94


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