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Haase Abwassertechnik GmbH & Co. KG is recognised as an innovative company which focused on subjects waste water treatment and systems for solid-liquid separation.

Being part of the EWU-group, Haase Abwassertechnik GmbH & Co.KG is in the position to provide consultation to customers and interested parties and find solutions in the sectors of energy, water and the environment, apart from their own products and services.

The product range are suitable for a wide range of applications, which extend from excrement separation and filtering of ion exchange resin from suspensions to the separation of fine particles from rocket fuel.

Manufacturing and delivery programme

Mechanical wastewater treatment:
– Fine sieve rake
– Hydrobow sieve
– Sand Separator
– Screw compactor
– Screen plates
– Screen centrifuges
– Separators
– Drum filters
– Decanters

Electrical wastewater treatment:
– Elektroflotation

Waste-water pumps:

Additional services:
– Consulting, planning, coordination and production of customer-specific
systems for solid-liquid separation into consideration of:
. upstream production cycle
. use or reusing of the once separate media
– Advice and support in all aspects of production and waste water treatment.

Haase Abwassertechnik
GmbH & Co.KG

D-53840 Troisdorf

Phone: +49 (0) 2241/ 25 44 0 10
Fax: +49 (0) 2241/ 25 44 0 25

E-Mail: info@haase-abwassertechnik.de

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