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Grüning & Loske GmbH stands for the successful combination of efficient products and outstanding services. Good ideas, modern techniques and a longstanding tradition as a technical trader are complemented by innovative solutions for the industry, for communities and consumers with only one aim:

Achieving the highest satisfaction of our customers and partners.
A 5-Star-Service every day!

Together with you we develop optimum solutions adapted to your changing requirements, ensuring a successful procurement management. We are experts in delivering proven and financially efficient solutions, based on long-term industry experience. You can count on us for attention to detail and high quality – from the very first conversation to the on-time delivery! Safe, secure and reliable!

Grüning & Loske GmbH

Magdeburger Str. 1
D-30880 Laatzen

Phone: +49 (0) 51 02 / 91 99 01
Fax: +49 (0) 51 02 / 91 99 90


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Manufacturing and delivery programme

Hose technology
– Rubber hoses
– Plastic hoses
– Sewer jetting hoses
– Hydraulics/high – pressure hoses
– Sweeper hoses
– Abrasion-resistant material
handling hoses
– Oil and petroleum hoses
– Liquid manure and faeces hoses
– Chemical hoses
– Food hoses
– Potable water hoses
– Water hoses
– Hot water and steam hoses
– Cooler hoses
– Compressed air hoses
– Brake and hydraulic hoses
– Autogenic and propane gas hoses
– Suction and ventilation hoses
– Pressure testing, vacuum testing
– Hose recycling service

Sewer technology
– Sewer jetting hoses
– Odour neutralisation
– Sewer cleaning nozzles and cutters
– Pipe plugs and renovation packers

Fitting technology
– Hose binding service
– Production of components,
product development
– Storz couplings
– Kardan couplings
– Bauer couplings
– Anfor couplings
– Kamlok couplings
– Flange couplings
– Tank truck couplings
– Welded fittings
– Shut-off valves, ball valves
– Hydraulic couplings
– Quick release couplings
– Compressed air valves
– Hot tar screwings
– LÜDECKE local partner
– Fittings

Fastener technology – hose clamps
– Worm drive hose clamps
– Hinge bolt clamps
– SK-clamps
– Fastening clamps
– Malleable cast iron clamps
– Wire clamps

Odour neutralisation
– Sewer and wastewater technology
– Treatment of waste
– Animal breeding
– Industry
– Petrochemicals
– Transport

Conveyor technology and wear protection
– Conveyor belt engineering
– Consultation and assembly
– Hot and cold vulcanization
– Rubber coating and corrosion protection

Personal protection equipment
– Foot protection
– Hand protection
– Clothing
– Head and face protection
– Respiratory protection
– Fall protection

Sealing technology
– Sealing plates
– Cut-to-size rubber plates
– Sealing press room and cutting plotter

Industrial supplies / MRO

Chemical engineering
– Adhesive and sealants for industrial applications.

For further information please visit our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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