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The constantly rising water levels of rivers, lakes and streams pose an increasing threat of floods every year. The annual cost of flood damage is hundreds of millions.The AQUARIWA Flood Protection System has been developed to enable a faster response.

We offer the flood system with guaranteed minimumprotection heights of 100 cm, 80cm and 50 cm. When correctly assembled, a higher protection height than the guaranteed minimum can be obtained.

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All the necessary requirements of the response teams are combined into one protection system:

– Rapid deployment on site
– Simple operation on site
– Fast assembly, without tools, simple for anyone to use
– Fast disassembly with no debris or remains
– No disposal costs, as the system is re-usable
– Low storage space requirements
– Wide range of applications beyond flood protection
– Durable fibre glass cylinders.

Aquariwa System

For further information please visit our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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