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4 pipes GmbH supply well approved accessories for the pipline industrie. Employees with many years of experience offer highly qualified consulting and professional service.

An environmentally friendly corporate policy is in the focus of our activities. The selection of products meet the most stringent quality requirements and guarantees safe applications.

Customers requirements are our most important challenge.

Manufacturing and delivery programme

Wall Penetrations



Anti-Corrosion Tapes and Heat Shrink Material (System Canusa)

Casing End Seals

Pipeline Warning Tapes and Stop Tapes

Protects Pipes Against Mechanical Stress

Flange Isolation and Isolating Gaskets

Indicator Signs and Posts

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4 pipes GmbH

Sigmundstr. 182
D-90431 Nürnberg

Pfone: +49 (0) 911 / 8 10 06 – 0
Telefax: +49 (0) 911 / 8 10 06 – 111

E-Mail: info@4pipes.de
Internet: www.4pipes.de

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